Tuesday, November 29, 2011

suspended birdies

sweet little bird
where does your heart cry?
to the east or the west?
two heads
each side
shall you remain suspended?
still for the many passer-bys?
leaving them to
way you will
can you take to the air?
and still be one?
can you soar seamlessly?
without becoming undone?

Tonight I had little time, but wanted to get my hands in some clay. I grabbed a little bit and played with it in my hand..first it was an angel, then a pregnant woman, then a bird..
I didn't like how the bird's tail was coming along, so I ripped it off..and I found that what I had was a two-headed bird in my hands. It was a curiosity to me, and got me to thinking. I finished it off, deciding to turn it into an ornament, so I put the ball on the top with a hole to pull a string through it. I wasn't too sure if I scored the little ball well enough. I wondered if it would come apart later. When I went to go take a picture of my odd little bird, I saw on my itouch that I had taken these pictures of birds up above my head a few days before while walking to the holiday parade in downtown Beverly.
Then this little poem came to me as I thought about my hanging ornament and those suspended birds up so high..

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