Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Part Portrait

I started this sketch of my husband when my 2 month old son woke there you go, a part portrait. Both of them are now on the couch...and it looks like they both may be going to sleep! Doubt if I can get another sketch in before midnight(I've got 15 minutes....) but I'll try...then I'll turn into a pumpkin and the day 2 challenge will be over...

I will say, though, that today turned out to be a very creative day for me. I started a class at the North Shore Clay Studio tonight, which will allow me to continue with some project ideas I started when in Portland. I'm so glad my son slept in the moby for the majority of the class. I didn't bring my camera so I couldn't take a picture of what I made. It will show up later this month..and so will my other clay pieces I am totally excited about. More on that later..

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