Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Tonight during clay class we worked on the wheel. I have never been good at the wheel, never seemed to catch on. Tonight my mind focused on this idea of centering. The wheel spins and one has to put pressure with both hands, in two different directions to center the clay. It is the first step. Centering. So much to write about that..but once again, came home so tired (but with one piece done) and then did this quick sketch. Even if I don't get to write or post much, the experience was there, and I know this idea of centering will come back up again...


  1. I did pottery at night school years ago. I could not get to grips with the wheel. I was for ever rolling coils or cutting slabs.
    Gwen xx
    Love your sketch , by the way.

  2. Centering a piece of clay...ahhhhhh I can feel it now just sitting here thinking about it. The wheel going round and round. Your body and mind being centered and falling into a transe or meditation.