Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life is a Beach and a Bowl of Cherries

Today I had the rare opportunity of being alone with my 2 month old son; my daughter was at my mother's house and will hopefully spend the weekend with her while my husband and I go away for the weekend for our 10 year anniversary. After dropping her off I decided to go to the beach here in Beverly, MA. I sat on the sand with my baby and watched the tide come in and out, in and out. Right in front of me was a rock. I watched the waves as it came up and over the rock, then receeding back to re-expose the rock.

Sometimes the waves covered the rock more than other times. Sometimes the rock created more of a ripple effect on the waves. Sometimes you could hardly notice there was a rock under the water at all. It allowed me to contemplate and meditate on this for a while; while in labor I used visualizations of the ocean and waves and so sitting in front of the water with my son reminded me of what I was doing 10 weeks ago; it also made me think of how we experience life in waves; how sometimes life is rough, sometimes smooth; and it all depending how firm our foundation is, how grounded we are, we can either feel swept away or be able to weather the storm...we are like the rocks..steady..never changing..enduring..there are certain aspects of our characters that never change; as in Jungian philosophy (which I know just a little about)..

I had fun taking the photos, figuring out what hipstamatic can do(I have an itouch and am not completely media saavy) But I was trying to capture the different moments of the waves in relation to this rock while thinking about how it pertained to my life and my life views.

The sun was starting to set, and the sky was a beautiful pink and peach. I turned around to go up to a park bench to nurse my son when I saw that someone had left these little berries (obviously not cherries..) They were a beautiful surprise, and made me smile. The color of red was so incredible. I thought to myself, here was another gift from nature, presenting itself to me, to reflect for a moment. So as I nursed, I took some more pictures of these tiny bright red berries that were randomly placed on the bench.

I left the beach with a renewed sense of calm..wasn't the least bit bothered earlier when a dog came running up to my son(while he was in the carseat on the sand), splashing him with sand, giving him a kiss(or a lick, whichever you wish to interpret). I figured, this is our new home now..the north shore of son will be coming to the beach often..time to get used to a little sand!!!

I'm not sure if I will be able to post for the next two days because we will be away in a nearby town..but I have packed my watercolors and sketchbook. I am so looking forward to this weekend away, and am excited by the ocean's beauty that awaits me. I will post on Sunday or Monday what I managed to create over the weekend.
Ta, Ta!!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend and hope you find the chance to take some beautiful photos like these... Happy Anniversary xx