Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pulling Mussels..again

In tonight's sketch, though still inspired by our beach booty of shells, mussels and rope, I remembered that there were formal concepts of art I was playing with. I grabbed a container of my husband's sharpies and decided I wanted to work with the hard, permanent lines of the sharpie against the soft, more fluid watercolors..oh my gosh, I'm sounding like an artist..who went to art school and would've probably had an art assignment all about "contrasts in shape, line, color, etc." I just have to chuckle to myself. I went to a very formal school which was absolutely wonderful in receiving the foundation I wanted and needed..but then it took me a while from being outside of school to find my voice..and I remembered what one of my teachers said.."you learn everything and then you unlearn it, keeping what you want and forgetting the rest" When I went to school I totally did not "get" abstract art..if I tried it, I felt like a fake. And now my life and my experience has gotten it, and it was only by slowly letting go and allowing myself to just be. Be with whatever material was in my had. Be with whatever I was feeling. Be with whatever inspired me.. I would often think, "how could this all come from me; it looks like 100 different artists did this work" I have had the full range of output now -from realistic to abstract to automatic. And it is all me. It all comes through me. So this is what came out of me this evening; the excitement of being an inquisitor all over again...even if it has been done, and learned and unlearned by a bazillion different artists out there. What is so wonderful about being creative is being open to what comes forth each and every time you sit; being open to wherever it goes..because even though I was "pulling mussels from a shell" again..this drawing was different from the one before it, and the one before that...

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  1. Carla,
    I am so thankful you are doing this blog. I love to read what you write because I can hear your voice in your written words. To see your art is a gift. I feel connected to you although you are so far away. I miss you dearly!!! Love seeing all the pieces of art that come out of you every day!!