Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes a Cigar is just a...

Milkweed Pod.
Or in this case, a super-duper clear cut message to me on what I am doing and where I am going with some work...
I was just "rushing" to get a post in tonight..chatting with a friend, telling her I had 15 minutes to get my creativity in before turning into a pumpkin...and what happens here? My milkweed pod turns into a vagina..with seeds...lots of seeds...coming out.
A few weeks ago my family and I were out on a walk in a nature trail. We saw this whole area full of pods and had fun blowing them all away..spreading the seeds..
I took one home with me because I thought it would be an interesting thing to draw...and of course never got around to it. Until 5 minutes ago tonight.
Yes, the belly bowls..the uterus..the place of birth, the place of women's creative forces..the seeds..the seeds of my ideas, of the work I am interested in doing, combining art with spirit...connecting to the spirits that are growing inside of women...both literally and figuratively.
Today I lamented a bit as I wished I was able to attend a weekend retreat at Kripalu to listen to Tami Kent speak on the Wild Feminine. Of course, this was also in my mind while "mindlessly" drawing my sketch this evening.
Boy, talk about Drawing it Out!!! ;)


  1. How crazy that you and Danielle are on the Tami Kent path!! Danielle is becoming a practitioner in Tami's work!! How cool is that.

  2. Georgia O'Keefe would be proud of your vagina seed pod.... got to love nature don't you... seriously though this is a beautiful drawing and I love your line work... rushed or not xx

  3. Archetypes! Connections! Deeper even than "pod" or "seed" or "vagina", but all these things and powerful because you are tuned in and bringing to the surface!