Sunday, November 6, 2011

Small Steps, Big Steps

So yesterday I was so incredibly tired I did not get to putting up pictures I took or creating a piece of artwork for the challenge...however, I came back tonight from my weekend away feeling revived. I had enough energy to start painting(I brought my watercolors with me but didn't get a chance to use them) but then started to totally bonk out again and became frustrated. Since my time is limited having a 2 month old I often start doing something late at night..and I felt like I was rushing just to get something done when I really wanted to have more time..My husband came up to me and said "Sometimes when I am feeling like you I tell myself that this is just a small step to a bigger idea" So there you go. I was able to take the stinky feelings I had and "put them on the shelf" so to speak..and go write my post about the pictures I took the day before regarding the footprints...
So here are my two very small rushed steps from today. They don't need to make or break my's all about perspective...and the moment my husband spoke of "steps" regarding tonight's artowrk it all made perfect sense in my head from the footprints we made in the sand the day before. Thank you husband!

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