Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Row, Row, Row Your Heart

...from Drawing as a Sacred Activity by Heather C. Williams

"When emotions are oceanic, we desperately try to figure things out with intellect.  Yet its limited, linear approach just can't always do the job.  You feel like you are sinking in this sea of overwhelm.  You need to focus your attention with the right brain.  Your heart, like your emotions, is oceanic, and it can help you swim to shore.  Drawing your heart out onto a piece of paper can help you gain the edge you need to pull yourself out of emotional overwhelm."

I read this excerpt from this book and immediately came up with an image of a heart inside a boat, rowing to shore..then, as often happens with me, I heard the tune of a familiar song...but I wanted to change the lyrics to...

Row Row Row your heart,
Gently down the stream
Safely, safely to the shore
Even when you must scream..


  1. Lovely post about feeling right into the emotions ~ great visual and poem ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. LOVE it..thanks...I really needed this today! :)

  3. As serendipity often occurs, in my inbox this morning I read a post from Mark Silver that I feel resonates with this post too-regarding the heart-mind relationship, intellect and overwhelm

    here's an excerpt:

    The infinite responsiveness of the heart and the rapid dancing of the mind tango together very well. The heart responds to reality, and the mind immediately tries to make it safe.

    The heart knows something isn't working, and the mind immediately makes up a story about it.

    This all happens very, very quickly.

    Here's Your Job Description

    You need to slow it down enough to see with the eyes of your heart, without the filter of your mind's story.

  4. Lovely post and drawing, like your little ditty!