Monday, November 5, 2012

Guiding Light

This evening my daughter picked "My Garden of Flower Fairies" for her bedtime book.  I have never heard of a Michaelmas Daisy before, but there it was, a beautifully drawn page that I happened to open and look at again before doing the drawing above.

To help the night fairies tend their plants and play in the dark, Michaelmas Daisy sprinkles fairy dust into the yellow middles of his flowers.  The gleaming blossoms become lanterns lighting up the tiny fariy paths around the garden and allowing the fairies to see what they are doing. 

 As winter approaches, the nights are coming sooner, the air is brisk,  and it is a time to keep warm with our inner light, guiding us through the season.  I feel the need, I feel the renewed spark, to come back to more art every day... I feel great change is before me. I see the magic wand, a star, pointing to somewhere, pointing to something..that perhaps the fairies will light up for me this month....

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